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About Brembo

Brembo is a worldwide leader in the engineering, development and production of braking systems and components for automobiles, motorcycles and commercial vehicles in the Original Equipment, Aftermarket, Racing and High Performance market segments.

Together with its unique know-how in the manufacturing of braking systems for high performance vehicles, Brembo is able to guarantee top quality standards and the most advanced technological knowledge, making it a world market leader in its sector. Brembo is the natural choice for use in the most sophisticated sports vehicles and high-class saloon cars. Its skill ensures an unsurpassable performance level in the best cars produced in Europe, the USA and Japan today. It is distinguished by its vertical integration of the production process, embracing all the work phases and making the company the ideal partner for those who seek "state of the art" brake discs. Brembo use its own foundries in the industrial process, whereby bringing a thorough knowledge of metallurgy to its design know-how for the braking system components - a further synergy in the optimization of the production cycle. The research and development phase is flanked by the testing phase, with static comfort tests, on the road tests and dynamic tests on the test benches, finally arriving at the definition of the product and its successive marketing.

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