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About Covercraft

Started in 1965 in a 2 man shop in Southern California, Covercraft created the market for customer-patterned Covercraft car covers as we know it today. Today they are the world’s largest manufacturer of custom-patterned vehicle covers.

The Covercraft product line has expected to seat protectors, front-end masks, car bras, dash covers, floor mats, tailgate nets, tire covers, windshield sunscreens and more. The highest-quality materials and designs go into every Covercraft product, earning them the respect of the automotive community. From protecting priceless vehicles to protecting everyday drivers from parking-lot dings and UV rays, Covercraft is the recognized leader in the industry.

Covercraft manufactures their products to meet and exceed customer expectations, and they've been doing it for 50 years and counting. Today they are also the owners of Colgan Custom, DashMat and LeBra, you cannot go wrong when choosing the CoverCraft family to protect your vehicle.

AJ-USA is proud to be an authorized Covercraft dealer.

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