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About Coverking

Founded in August 1986 by a Southern California aerospace engineer, Coverking set out to change the face of the car cover industry. By implementing advanced aerospace technologies into their designs, Coverking revolutionized the way car covers are made.

Coverking was the first car cover company to use an advanced computer-aided manufacturing system. The standard for which all manufacturers must follow was started by Coverking. This custom automation created efficiencies that allowed Coverking to produce a better fitting products, in a fraction of the time, for less money than its competitors. This same technique was quickly applied to create the finest in Coverking custom car covers, custom floor mats, custom seat covers, custom sunshields and much more.

A high-quality cover must not just fit well, it needs to last for years, and Coverking delivers. The materials that Coverking uses will pamper your vehicle while protecting. A Coverking custom-fit car cover will protect your car from the road hazards while the perfect fit shows off the lines of your vehicle.

AJ-USA is proud to be an authorized Coverking dealer.

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